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Project Description

ChromaCode is a syntax highlighter library for WPF developers. It is developed in C# for .NET 4 as an extension to the WPF Richtext control


ChromaCode is a WPF syntax code highlighter which is full customisable via XML definition files. The main features that I would like to get out of this highlighter are:
  • Most important: it must be reasonable fast and handle files of a reasonable size
  • It must support highlighting of:
    • Words
    • Characters
    • Groups (i.e. block comments such as those surrounded by /* */ in C
    • Regular Expressions
  • It must be configurable so that it can support different languages

The following is an example of the highlighter at work in its current state. I am very close to a release no, just a few more tests and bugs to work out:


The project came about becuase of these three reasons:
  1. To help me learn more about creating WPF custom controls
  2. Because I needed a syntax highlighter for my other project SuperQuery and I couldn't find one that did everything I wanted and was compatible with the SuperQuery GPL license.
  3. And perhaps the most important reason: It is fun to set these challenges and try and solve them :)

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